The Famous Class: Have You Ever…

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Review (non live)
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ImageThe Famous Class: Have You Ever… 

The Punk Pop quartet are back with a second EP. Recorded with all four members this is the last EP that will feature Ben Fox on guitar as shortly after release he left the band. For his last work with Joe, Stoo and Justin he sure made it that no fan or newcomer will forget his presence. The songs lead into each other so it’s a four track constant party.

If you love Blink then TFC are like their English brothers following in the footsteps. Now a trio, these guys just want to have fun and they sure are doing that. Go have fun with them.

Songs just as catchy as the first time round, only this time the music side of things is more produced and less ‘home’ made. A Pledge to fans helped get them into the studio and as a thank you, many names are mentioned in ‘What’s your plan.’ This track even brings back ‘Emily’ to our ears. To new fans you won’t have a clue who Emily and Jesse are but the older fans loved it.

Guilty pleasure pop punk that isn’t such a guilty pleasure will have you dancing around the room like no-ones watching. Have You Ever…is a tune to live your life by. The message being a serious one that you are never alone no matter what you are going through “have you ever lost something, have you ever felt dead inside…here’s news for you so have I,” emo lyrics set to a positive fast drum beat and funky guitar solos makes it fun. Written on paper this is the most serious song they have written yet it sounds just as bouncy as the others.


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  1. Kim says:

    After reading this review I really want to see TFC live. Can’t wait until they tour

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