Ivyrise: Ivyrise

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Review (non live)
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Ivyrise: Ivyrise

ImageThey’ve only just finished touring this album as the support slot for pop sensation McFly. Don’t let that cloud your judgement though, these four lads really know how to make music to keep you paying attention. Not many unsigned bands can get away with making a full album for their debut, too many tracks to start could break them. Not with these four, Mark and co. know exactly what they are doing. Each track is different from the last. They really show skill in all areas and prove that they should be the ones we listen too.

To look at the album cover gives you a worry that this is just another pop band trying to be emo.

Ivyrise are not a pop band but one the only bands left that can truly call themselves indie. With great tracks like Hurts that have a strong piano line as well as heavenly lead guitar lines. The vocals may seem a bit same-y on this track but it’s damn catchy. Rebecca Black made repeating a line over and over a dead weight but Ivyrise can pull it off; as the first song on an album, repeating a lyric is risky but it pays off. The song feels like it doesn’t need anymore words. The music does the speaking.

The more upbeat Yes To Running still repeats a few lines one to many times, not singing along is impossible. Every line you can just see yourself mouthing when driving along, windows down, this track will be blaring out on full volume. “Yes to running…too my lonely soul,” your soul will not be lonely once you’ve got this album on repeat.


  1. Sarah says:

    I saw these on the mcfly tour as well. I bought the album there and then

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